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Bradford Pack, CEO

     Bradford is a seasoned executive with extensive entrepreneurial finance, accounting, administration, and operations experience. He has worked both domestically and internationally for many high-growth, privately-held, and portfolio companies-- as well as for several larger publicly-traded companies. Bradford's sweet spot is bringing this valuable experience and insights to early-stage companies.

     As a trusted behind-the-scenes advisor, Bradford helps CEOs shine because he builds solid foundations, allowing them to stay focused on their vision. He thrives on partnering with high achievers, solving growth-related problems, and facilitating the accomplishment of individual, team, and company goals.

Meet Our Team

Heather Ruth Pack, Partner

     Heather feels most successful when she sees others achieve their goals, having applied the concepts they've learned through Mariner. Her favorite topics are "How to REALLY Find a Job", "How to Ask for Donations", and "How to Find Your Ancestors--Whether They Want to Be Found or Not". Heather has been asked to speak to small and large groups about career counseling, nonprofit fundraising, public speaking, family history, and business communications.

     Heather has over 10 years experience in local and international nonprofit organizations. She is a published author, a public speaker, and an adjunct professor for the Marriott School of Management at Brigham Young University.

“Working with Bradford and Mariner has given my business the kick-start it needed. Our financial operations now give us the ability to properly plan and run our business in a smart manner. Bradford's personal touch is far beyond the typical person offering financial services. He helps you feel supported and that you're running on a firm foundation. I highly recommend Mariner's services…” – K.S.